Flirtin's 2018 Summer Collection! Shipping starts 7/26/18.  We are excited to launch Flirtin’s 2018 Summer Beach or Block Party Collection. Enjoy the outdoor excitement of this season. Are you ready to have fun with friends and family. Whether you are partying under the warm sunshine or dancing under the night sky, you know this will be an event to remember. What's your preference? Do you want to lounge in the sand, cool off on the shoreline, and relax under the sun? Would you rather close off the neighborhod, rollerskate backwards, hook up the DJ turntabe to the streetlight, and dance the night away? I grew up going to beach parties in Fairhaven, Massachetts and block parties in the Bronx NY. Both hold a special place in my heart. The good times I had at both are some of my best childhood memories. This collection will wake up your inner party girl. Turn up with a collection which looks good while you're on the sand and on the block. Jellies are new to this colection! Options include a glitter topper, jellies, and a duo chrome finish. There's no way that you'll be able to turn down the best invitation of the summer. Come and Get It, Flirts.  



  The collection includes 6 nail lacquers.


Flirts know how to amuse, toy, seduce and play, with finesse and style.  Flirtin' polishes live up to that "temptress" reputation.  We believe your nail polish should be the center of attention and inspire attraction.  Our colors whisper, "Come and Get It".  If you have any questions, please contact customersupport@flirtincosmetics.com.